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Why Gel-based Bone Broth?

It's all in the Puck!

  1. Convenience: Gel-based bone broth can be stored in the refrigerator and easily added to recipes or consumed as a snack.
  2. Preservation of nutrients: Gel-based bone broth is less likely to lose nutrients during storage compared to powder or liquid forms.
  3. Improved flavor: Gel-based bone broth may have a richer and more pronounced flavor than powder or liquid forms.
  4. Better texture: Gel-based bone broth has a thicker, more substantial texture than powder or liquid forms.
  5. Easier to use in cooking: Gel-based bone broth can be a good option for cooking in that it can thicken soups or sauces providing more consistent texture.

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Rich Flavor

Indulge in the decadent deep and rich flavor of Brite Start Bone Broth.

High Protein

Each serving packs a powerful punch with 20g of protein to support your healthy lifestyle.

Organic Beef

Experience the difference with 100% Organic grass-fed beef.

Organic Chicken

Brite Start Bone Broth uses 100% Organic free-range chicken

Organic Veggies

Elevate your health game with the added boost of organic vegetables and spices.

Ethical Soucing

Feel good knowing that all ingredients are ethically and humanely sourced.

No Hormones/Antibodies

Say goodbye to antibiotics and hormones with Brite Start Bone Broth.


Brite Start Bone Broth is perfect for gluten-free dieters.


Unlock the potential of collagen and gelatin with every sip of Brite Start Bone Broth.

Natural Ingredients

Pure and natural, Brite Start Bone Broth contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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